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Want to help keep hundreds of thousands of kids off the streets and out of a casket?

The best way to prevent drug abuse and fatalities is to never start. We’re always looking for donors, partners, and investors to help spread our message and save kids from the horrific dangers of drugs. Click below to get in touch with someone from the coalition today.



By the time you finish reading this webpage, another person will be lost in a drug-related death.


Drug Deaths Increased nearly 2,000 percent since 1992, while our population increased thirty percent.


We could build more than two Vietnam Memorial Walls every year with our death toll from illegal and dangerous drug use.

The Research

Social research is on our side.

The data proves that if you can get a child to the age of 21 without ever initiating the use of drugs, the chances that they will ever start, get involved in addiction, or go down that road, are practically ZERO.

Prevention Works

In our brief history of modern drug culture, there has only been one sure way of reducing deaths. We believe that prevention is the answer. Why is no one in our country talking about this?


Drug Epidemic Hits High Point

1979 used to be our worst year for drug abuse.


Prevention Efforts Launched

The This is Your Brain on Drugs campaign along with pop culture and political messaging fought to reduce drug use—and it worked.


Prevention Messaging Efforts Works

With a concerted prevention campaign, we reduced drug use by nearly 60 percent by 1992.


After Several Years of No Prevention Messaging

Last year, nearly 110,000 Americans died from drug poisonings, the highest number in our nation’s history.

Real Stories

Too many of us are devastated by the never-ending heartbreak and funerals caused by drug abuse and poisonings. It’s everywhere. None of us are alone in fighting this battle, and it’s time to take action. 

Help Stop The Start

Become a founding donor.

We need your help to combat the ever-changing challenges our sons, daughters, friends, and neighbors face daily. What’s missing is the focus and attention needed for the entire prevention message. 

We can stop the tragedies at their source by saying it loud and clear: Don’t Start. 

Help us spread the word. Be the voice that gets this message to our classrooms, our streets, and our homes. Click the button below to donate.

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