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See how we’re coming out of the gates strong and making a statement with our first-ever campaign.

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It’s Your Call

You’re faced with a decision—a choice that will determine your future. The temptation to take or use drugs may seem enticing, but the consequences are dire. The decision for a safe and healthy future or a dangerous and deadly one starts right here, right now. And it starts with you. It’s Your Call. make the right one.


The Call

This story has been heard by countless parents, teachers, counselors—even kids. We wanted to bring it to life in a way that was raw and real; we wanted to show the authentic experience of exactly what it’s like to lose someone you love.

The fact is, this is happening more and more. Yet still, no one is talking about it. Our goal with this video and our entire organization is to rattle the cage by showing the truth and nothing but the truth.

“It’s not what you see in a lot of movies and TV… It’s an addiction. It’s something that people suffer with every day. We’re looking to help these people before it gets too bad. This is something we need to start doing.”

Joseph Kyler - Actor
Signature Models and Talent
Casting Director - Bella Hibbs, Good Faith Casting

“Drugs aren’t really something to be romanticized… like with social media… Especially growing up in it, it takes a toll on a person. I signed up for this campaign specifically because… I’ve seen people lose themselves to simple little things like just wanting to have fun one time.”

Giovanna Gagliardi a.k.a. "Gia" - Actor
Signature Models and Talent
Casting Director - Bella Hibbs, Good Faith Casting


You Are Not Alone

The simple fact is that prevention works—every single time. Look back to the 1980’s and the 1990’s. It’s worked with forest fires, drunk driving, and tobacco. We think it can work again. That is our mission. It’s more than just raising awareness about drug abuse and poisoning—it’s about having the conversations earlier and starting the process of prevention to save lives.

These insights were the foundation of our campaign, “The Call.” We know that when we roll up our sleeves and commit to a message about prevention, it can be successful—it can save thousands upon thousands of lives. Is it shocking? Yes. Is it powerful? Absolutely. Will it make someone think twice about taking drugs? You bet your @$$.

We’re here to inspire kids to say “no” and empower parents to do more—more talking, more education, and more introspection on how they can step up to more. That’s why we created our Parent Playbook, which easily lists out ways to talk to your kids in an encouraging and educational way.

But we can’t do this alone. We need the buy-in and support of kids, teens, parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone else who knows that now, more than ever, we need a message of prevention. We need this campaign to reach the eyes and ears of as many people as possible. We need everyone to step up and make The Call.

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